My initial thought process started with me watching conspiracy theories on YouTube. I stumbled upon this one theory that William Shakespeare actually didn’t write most of his works but stole them from other people. Thus, came my idea about what if the time traveler actually changed a key component about one of his most popular plays, Romeo and Juliet. I chose this specific play because it’s really problematic but one of the most adapted pieces of his work. For example, West Side Story and hilariously, but not so hilariously, Gnomeo and Juliet. So, I decided to make my time traveler’s mission to be making Juliet 16 years-old because in the play she is literally 13. Also, I am aware that The Globe was probably built after Romeo and Juliet, but it's an iconic theatre so I went with that. The one thing I’m proud of for my project is my figuring out how to better manipulate the tiles for the house space of The Globe. The Globe was actually circular, so I had to think about how I could capture that from an overhead appearance. I’m pretty proud it and hope it captured the essence. 

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